Happy Earth Day!

In honour of Earth Day I am sitting by the pool enjoying the glorious Florida sunshine. Gwennie is splashing in the pool pretending to be either a mermaid or a whale. I am constantly being requested to take a look at what she’s doing. I am amazed at her incessant chatter. It’s as though her little brain goes 100 miles an hour constantly. It can be a little tiring but she is so damned cute! Now that I am working I think I enjoy, and appreciate more, our times together. She really is such a joy and a blessing!

It’s been 2 1/2 years since we lost Henry and I have grown used to the fact that Gwennie may be our only one. I have stopped getting hopeful each month and am finally able to embrace each period with open arms rather than tears of frustration.

Not sure what happened this month but I ended up being four days late. I felt the old familiar creeping of hope in my veins. Today put a strong, resounding stop to that feeling. Am I disappointed? Yes, in a way, but in another I am not. I know that if G is our only child we will be able to give her so much more than we would if we had two children. I am such a firm believer of everything happening for a reason. I believe there is a greater plan for all of us. I want to try and go with the flow. Sometimes it is easier said than done. I can’t help but battle a feeling of loss. I am getting older and I know my time, in being able to have another child, is nearly done.

In other news, one of my knees is bothering me. After discussion with my peers it seems as though I am going too low in wide turned-out thigh. I did it 3 times in class last week and I am feeling it. I need to bring it on up. I feel it’s fortunate that I am getting a 3-day break from class to rest it a little.

Inching closer…

I am teaching the last half of class! Which feels great! I feel like I am finally getting closer to certification. I am now working on the last section of exercises and then I can teach the first half of class… and then start setting up my community classes. Here I will be able to teach up to 6 students for free to help me get experience in teaching a complete class before being evaluated on my skills as an instructor. And of course I have the final exam to take! YIKES!

Our studio is holding a training for new instructors at the beginning of June. My trainer, Jen (from the San Marina studio) will be the trainer! I can’t wait to see her again and I am hoping she will have time to evaluate me for my certification. The timing would be perfect!

Fingers crossed that it all works out! I can’t wait to be on the schedule teaching!

In other news, I am feeling a bit down on myself. Now I know we can’t all look great in every single photo, but there have been several photos of myself of late where I have cringed at my appearance. I look heavier than I feel and wow, who is that old lady with all the lines and wrinkles? I feel like I need some divine intervention.

In better news, Gwennie got to dance with the Orlando Magic Dancers Friday night! One of my co-workers at The Bar method is the dance captain for the dancers and she asked Gwennie to go join them. Sadly, Kendra sprained her ankle badly and was unable to perform, but Gwennie still went and danced with Emmy and had a wonderful night! I was amazed at how unfazed she was with all the crowds and noise… and the fact that she was up way past her bedtime. She was a little star and a natural born performer. We were so proud of her!

Gwennie with Emmy and Virgillia
Gwennie and I on the court!
Taking it all in!
Shake it!

Continuing on….

I have started to co-teach a different section of class this week. It is going well… very new session is a learning experience! I am now teaching curl, back-dancing, and final stretch. I am studying round-back and flat-back, which I will co-teach next. Phew!

I’m not really a person who talks a lot, so I find it a new challenge to be constantly (that’s how I feel anyway!) vocal for an hour! There is so much to say in the way of set-ups, verbal corrections, and the giving of benefits and praise. It’s a lot to spit out, but the more I practice the easier it becomes. I feel very relieved that I spotted classes for a while before co-teaching, as I feel very confident and comfortable with hands-on adjustments. It’s one less thing to worry about in a way! I just have to concentrate on what is coming out of my mouth!

I feel like I am learning something new every day… and the wonderful thing about The Bar Method is that HQ is constantly reviewing the workouts and improving the set-ups. They check in with each studio regularly and we discuss the wisdom they impair upon us on a daily/weekly basis. I love being part of a system that demands excellence and really cares for the clients’ bodies and well-being.

I had a nice email from two of the girls I trained with in Austin. They are cruising along nicely and seem to be enjoying it, albeit finding it a tad challenging at times! We are all excited to get through this training process, take the exam, and be ready to teach classes of our own. I am looking forward to teaching some community classes in the near future. It will be such good experience!

Great week!

Just completed a wonderful week at The Bar Method. I am almost afraid to say that in case I jinx myself, but really it was fab! I feel like I accomplished a lot and that I am slowly and steadily improving.
The co-teaching went well this week. It is starting to flow more and whilst I am still super nervous inside, I am cautiously gaining more confidence each time I teach.
I had some wonderful training sessions with the instructors. They are each so different in style, yet each one of them has so much wisdom to impair and offer.

I never stop learning.

I love that!

I had some extra fun today. I taught Kendra and Trish half a class (had to leave early to pick up my daughter), BUT…. they were doing a private Master Class and I taught from warm-up all through seat work… and while I know it needed a lot more polish, I got through it and I really enjoyed it! They were very supportive and encouraging.

Have I mentioned how much I love my boss and co-workers? They’re amazing. I love to be in the presence of these women. I have from day one, when I first started coming to the studio as a client. I know I am here for a reason. I know I was brought to this place for something important. Here I am, a nurse… I should be working in the medical field… yet my heart has been completely swept away by The Bar Method. I instantly felt drawn to Karen, the owner, and the other instructors… and more than that, the clients themselves. There is so much love in that studio.

It’s like a big dollop of Girly Therapy is what it is!

You can’t beat that!

Third time… not so lucky!

Just completed my first week of co-teaching.

The first day went well. I was terribly nervous, but it all went smoothly.

The second day… pretty much the same as the first.

The third day… a train-wreck! I flubbed my words, faffed around with my choreography (to my detriment!), didn’t give enough benefits and compliments, and generally felt flustered!
I gave myself a moment to freak out and fight back the tears (after class!)… then I took a deep breath and said, “Right! This was a learning experience. I will have many more. Onwards and upwards!”

Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit. ~ Conrad Hilton

The day has arrived…

I finally start co-teaching at The Bar Method tomorrow morning. Thanks to the wonderful coaching of Karen and Kendra, I feel prepared and ready but I am extremely nervous. I don’t want to let them down!

Keep your fingers crossed for me and think of me around 9:30am Eastern Time… I will be teaching the warm-up!

Of Date Night and Massages!

Our studio held a Date Night Friday night. It was a lot of fun. We Bar Method babes got to bring our husbands to experience the workout we so love. Karen taught a great class, with Ellen helping her out to correct the newbies… and it was all followed by yummy appetisers and beer/wine. My husband was not in the slightest bit interested in coming at the beginning, but he put on his big boy panties and gave it a whirl. His words afterwards? “I found it very humbling.” I don’t think he’ll be back in a hurry, but my main objective for him coming was so that he could see the studio, meet my boss and co-workers and friends, and hopefully, kind of understand what I have fallen in love with and do pretty much every day of the week! He did a great job, as did all the hubbies.

I also had a massage on Friday. It was much needed. I don’t remember the last time I had one. I usually end up waiting to get one until I am seriously hurting. My body is just tired. I went through the intense training in Austin, followed by a ski trip, and I have been suffering with some horrible sciatica pain. You know what, I think massages and spa therapy SHOULD go hand-in-hand with your regular workout. I have this notion in my head that we “fit folks” pride ourselves too much on being in good shape and having this crazy notion that we shouldn’t experience any pain. Like any great automobile…. you drive it regularly, it needs a good service every few thousand miles or so. The same should go with our bodies. The Romans had something going, you know?! All those Roman Baths? Genius, I tell you! So, I got a deep muscle and tissue relief massage…. complete with hot towels and finished off nicely with a good slathering of bio-freeze. I feel better already! And the sciatica? 90% better.

Get a massage as often as you can, workout lovers…. you are so worth it!

Hanging in there!

It’s taken me a little bit to get back into the groove after our ski trip, but I am getting there.

This past Sunday I went and helped Karen at an event called the Winter Park Bridal Stroll. We had a booth in the Women’s Centre and got to talk and hopefully inspire/motivate several brides-to-be! It was good to spend time with Karen. She is such a sweet lady.

This past week I have been getting back into the routine of spotting classes and have had some great coaching from both Kendra and Karen. I need to practice hard this weekend and make sure I have the first part of class comfortably under my belt.

I am suffering with some sciatica also this week. Going to get a massage tomorrow. My poor old body just feels tired!

I have heard from some of the Austin girls from my course. They seem to be getting on well and are already co-training classes. I need to touch base with my other three co-trainees and see how they are doing!

In the mountains!

Well, I think my A&P test went okay on Thursday. There were a couple of questions I think I may have messed up, but we’ll see.

We are currently in beautiful Beaver Creek, Colorado. Mine and G’s first time snow-skiing. I have to admit, I wasn’t keen. I am fair-weathered girl. I love sunshine and beaches and cocktails. I was pretty nervous about getting around on skis today.

I had no idea what fun it was going to be. I cannot believe we started the day out on the flat, doing little baby steps sideways and at the end of the day, completed several whole runs on a “green” skiing from side and to side AND went up and skied off the chair lift!!! Shock horror, Miss Afraid of Heights!!!

I fell just one time the entire day. So stoked.

My classmates complained about being really sore in their legs, but I honestly didn’t feel anything except for the pressure on my shins from my boots as I leaned forward. My Bar Method quads and core took great care of me, and whilst I am tired tonight from all the exhilaration and hard work, my body feels strong and I can’t wait to get out there again tomorrow! Woop! Thank you, Bar Method!!!