Great week!

Just completed a wonderful week at The Bar Method. I am almost afraid to say that in case I jinx myself, but really it was fab! I feel like I accomplished a lot and that I am slowly and steadily improving.
The co-teaching went well this week. It is starting to flow more and whilst I am still super nervous inside, I am cautiously gaining more confidence each time I teach.
I had some wonderful training sessions with the instructors. They are each so different in style, yet each one of them has so much wisdom to impair and offer.

I never stop learning.

I love that!

I had some extra fun today. I taught Kendra and Trish half a class (had to leave early to pick up my daughter), BUT…. they were doing a private Master Class and I taught from warm-up all through seat work… and while I know it needed a lot more polish, I got through it and I really enjoyed it! They were very supportive and encouraging.

Have I mentioned how much I love my boss and co-workers? They’re amazing. I love to be in the presence of these women. I have from day one, when I first started coming to the studio as a client. I know I am here for a reason. I know I was brought to this place for something important. Here I am, a nurse… I should be working in the medical field… yet my heart has been completely swept away by The Bar Method. I instantly felt drawn to Karen, the owner, and the other instructors… and more than that, the clients themselves. There is so much love in that studio.

It’s like a big dollop of Girly Therapy is what it is!

You can’t beat that!

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