Continuing on….

I have started to co-teach a different section of class this week. It is going well… very new session is a learning experience! I am now teaching curl, back-dancing, and final stretch. I am studying round-back and flat-back, which I will co-teach next. Phew!

I’m not really a person who talks a lot, so I find it a new challenge to be constantly (that’s how I feel anyway!) vocal for an hour! There is so much to say in the way of set-ups, verbal corrections, and the giving of benefits and praise. It’s a lot to spit out, but the more I practice the easier it becomes. I feel very relieved that I spotted classes for a while before co-teaching, as I feel very confident and comfortable with hands-on adjustments. It’s one less thing to worry about in a way! I just have to concentrate on what is coming out of my mouth!

I feel like I am learning something new every day… and the wonderful thing about The Bar Method is that HQ is constantly reviewing the workouts and improving the set-ups. They check in with each studio regularly and we discuss the wisdom they impair upon us on a daily/weekly basis. I love being part of a system that demands excellence and really cares for the clients’ bodies and well-being.

I had a nice email from two of the girls I trained with in Austin. They are cruising along nicely and seem to be enjoying it, albeit finding it a tad challenging at times! We are all excited to get through this training process, take the exam, and be ready to teach classes of our own. I am looking forward to teaching some community classes in the near future. It will be such good experience!

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