Names in the Sand

I was so touched to receive an email from Carly Marie Dudley last week.
Carly lives in Australia and suffered the tragic loss of her baby boy as I did.

Carly very graciously writes names in the sand of her favourite beach… it’s called Christian’s Beach (named so after her son).
Carly wrote Henry’s name in the sand for us.

She wrote thousands of names on that day and towards the end of her writing, the most amazing double rainbow lit the sky.
If that wasn’t a sign from all the dear little angels up there, I don’t know what was.

Carly is very proactive in helping grieving parents heal over their loss of their little ones. Please go and read about all the wonderful things she does at her website, Carly Marie Project Heal.

Thank you, Carly! You are a beautiful soul!

Henry James Porter dedication….

Henry James Porter ~ Always in our hearts

Henry James Porter ~ Always in our hearts