In the mountains!

Well, I think my A&P test went okay on Thursday. There were a couple of questions I think I may have messed up, but we’ll see.

We are currently in beautiful Beaver Creek, Colorado. Mine and G’s first time snow-skiing. I have to admit, I wasn’t keen. I am fair-weathered girl. I love sunshine and beaches and cocktails. I was pretty nervous about getting around on skis today.

I had no idea what fun it was going to be. I cannot believe we started the day out on the flat, doing little baby steps sideways and at the end of the day, completed several whole runs on a “green” skiing from side and to side AND went up and skied off the chair lift!!! Shock horror, Miss Afraid of Heights!!!

I fell just one time the entire day. So stoked.

My classmates complained about being really sore in their legs, but I honestly didn’t feel anything except for the pressure on my shins from my boots as I leaned forward. My Bar Method quads and core took great care of me, and whilst I am tired tonight from all the exhilaration and hard work, my body feels strong and I can’t wait to get out there again tomorrow! Woop! Thank you, Bar Method!!!

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