Crazy Monday!

This week started off with a bang! Things are a little manic as we fly to Colorado on Friday for 5 days skiing.
I am a little overwhelmed… trying to get into the routine of a new job, finding time to study, take care of my sweet child, and get ready for our trip!
I found myself doing housework at 7 o’clock this morning before taking G to school!

Had a good morning at the studio.
I studied for an hour and then we all did a master class together. It was myself, Karen, Kendra, Ellen, and Danielle.
K, K, & E all taught various sections of the class and it was jolly hard! We did a Level 2 type class which has extra sets of thigh and seat work! Killer!
After that I spotted Kendra’s class that she was teaching. It went pretty well. It is definitely going to be helpful and I already know areas I need to work on.
I am sure it will help build my confidence up to start off doing this and then integrate the verbal side of teaching.
There is so much to think about and put together!

Tomorrow I am spotting Karen’s class, then Kendra is working with me for an hour or so and then I will participate in her 12:15pm class.

And now it’s back to the books!!!!

P.S. Did you know that the gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the human body? Baby got back!!!

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