Hanging in there!

It’s taken me a little bit to get back into the groove after our ski trip, but I am getting there.

This past Sunday I went and helped Karen at an event called the Winter Park Bridal Stroll. We had a booth in the Women’s Centre and got to talk and hopefully inspire/motivate several brides-to-be! It was good to spend time with Karen. She is such a sweet lady.

This past week I have been getting back into the routine of spotting classes and have had some great coaching from both Kendra and Karen. I need to practice hard this weekend and make sure I have the first part of class comfortably under my belt.

I am suffering with some sciatica also this week. Going to get a massage tomorrow. My poor old body just feels tired!

I have heard from some of the Austin girls from my course. They seem to be getting on well and are already co-training classes. I need to touch base with my other three co-trainees and see how they are doing!

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