Level 2 Class

I just got back from working, teaching at 7am, and then taking a wonderful Level 2 class taught by guest teacher Sherri DiMarco from The Bar Method Miami. I really loved it. It was certainly a challenge and seemed completely action-packed.

The class seems to move along a lot quicker (although at the same time seems very long!) as there are more exercises to fit in. We did three sets of thigh work (chair, LT with MM, and HPW with a ball) followed by fold-over, which was then followed by 2nd position and diamond thigh, finishing with arabesque! Wow! I got the dizzies during the final set of seat work but pushed myself through.

Flat-back was fun as we did a lot more variations and subsets. Curl was topped by completing an 80-count plank! Super! That was humbling and I didn’t think I would make it through after all the other push-ups and spider planks we had performed earlier in the class. But I managed to suck it up and stay up there. Phew!

The stretching between exercises moved along a lot quicker than in a mixed level class, but I didn’t feel gipped in any way.

Sherri taught the class effortlessly with finesse and I enjoyed experiencing her different explanations of things and her choreography.

It definitely gave us all (teachers and students alike) a good taster of a Level 2 class. I hope we will be able to offer some classes soon at our studio. I know our instructors (not me! Too green still!) are more than capable of teaching it, so I am excited for them to take on the challenge at some point. Bring it on!

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