Oprah’s Thought for the Day….

“The greatest act of courage is to be and to own all of who you are— without apology, without excuses, without masks to cover the truth of who you are.”
— Debbie Ford

It’s been almost a week now since I have shut down my Facebook account. It certainly feels good to take a break and prioritize.
Maybe I will now have some more time to get back to my blogging! Imagine that!
One certainly finds out who one’s real friends are by the people who bother to either pick up a phone or write a letter.
There aren’t very many, but that’s okay. I would rather have a handful of good friends than 400 plus acquaintances.

The owner of The Bar Method Miami is coming to take and teach a class next Monday. I am excited as she is going to teach a Level 2 class.
I know it will be killer!

Work is going well and I enjoy teaching more and more every day!

4 thoughts on “Oprah’s Thought for the Day….

  1. I realised you had left Facebook! I was missing your photos of Gwennie, and you’re gone from Instagram too! I’ve been battling with the idea of leaving Facebook too. It’s such a distraction which stops me from doing more productive things. Is that why you chose to shut it down? I really need to get to grips with G+ as I think it could be more useful for my blog and work. Well I’m so pleased that I’ve found your blog! I’ve subscribed and will enjoy reading. Mumbloggers need to stick together!

    • That was one reason amongst others, Wendy! It certainly takes over your life and not in a good way! I needed to break the negativity and refocus on what is important! 😉
      I do miss my UK friends on there though. I may reactivate it at some point but whittle it down to just a few special friends and fam. It became all too encompassing!
      I have G+ but rarely use it.

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