Beach Break

Spent a couple of days at Daytona Beach Shores with Gwennie and Kendra. We were lucky with the weather as the beginning of the week was on a real downer with Tropical Storm Debbie.
We drove over on Wednesday and it was still overcast and windy. Luckily the hotel we were staying at had an indoor pool, so we took Gwennie to have a little play in there.
Much hilarity ensued between Kendra and I at the temperature of the pool…. was it heated electrically or by all the kids pee??? LOL!

We stayed at Perry’s Ocean Edge Resort. The hotel is situated right on the beach front.
Our room worked really well for us. We had a great ocean view and there was a separate little area with bunk beds for Gwennie.
The hotel looked a little “tired”. I think they are slowly working on renovating and decorating and it certainly needs it.
The rooms need redoing and they need some new loungers by the indoor pool. It was clean though and had everything we needed.
The outdoor pools were nice and there was a Tiki Bar (we never tried it) and areas for shuffle board and mini-golf.

We went to Crabby Joe’s for dinner. It is positioned at the end of a pier over the ocean.
My friend Jenn came to join us after she had finished work. She lives in Ormond Beach.
We had good service and the food was nice. We shared crab cakes and enjoyed Mahi Mahi and Tilapia.

Thursday turned out to be a glorious day. The weather was perfect and not too hot after the storm.
We hit the beach and had fun making sandcastles and playing in the waves.
Kendra turned out to be an amazing sandcastle architect and sand sculptress! Very impressive!
Jenn joined us at the beach for a while until her porcelain skin sent her running for the safety of the indoors!
We also spent some time by the hotel pool and Gwennie, of course, made some friends.

That evening we went to Aunt Catfish for dinner. This is a cute little restaurant in Port Orange situated on the river.
We had tried to go there the previous night, but were told it was an hour’s wait for dinner, and as it was late and we had a 5 year old in tow, we went to Crabby Joe’s instead.
I had called during the day to make a reservation for 7pm. When we got there we were given a lobster buzzer and we waited for our table.
We waited and waited.
There was a nice little outside area with a mini-playground for the kids and there was a lovely girl playing the guitar and singing.
Gwennie thoroughly enjoyed herself playing with all the kids and dancing to the music.
Long story short, despite a couple of complaints from us, we still waited a good hour for our table.
Once we finally got seated, the food was good and our waitress was sweet. (The welcoming hostess at the door was NOT.)
The restaurant was cute inside but it seemed as though they were understaffed and a little disorganised.
I’m not sure whether I would go back there again. Maybe lunch time would be better???

Gwennie was a trooper despite having two very late nights. She is normally in bed and tucked up by 7:30pm.

Friday morning, we packed up our stuff and checked out. We hit the beach and pool for a couple of hours before heading out.
We went to a cute little place called Ocean Deck for lunch. We enjoyed fish tacos and the view of the beach.
Then it was time to head home.

It was a fabulous couple of days.
Kendra was amazing company and we had such a laugh. I really miss our late night chats!
She was an absolute gem with Gwennie too. Such a great person!
It was fun to spend some time with Jenn too. We don’t get to see each other enough.
She and Kendra got on really well too. I knew they would. We all have the same crazy sense of humour!

Some photos of the trip…

Room at Perry's Ocean Edge

Gwennie and the sea life!

View from our room!

View from our room

Kendra and Gwennie

Kendra and Gwennie – in matching bikinis!

Kendra, Jenn, and Gwennie

Kendra, Jenn, and Gwennie

Gwennie and I

Gwennie and I

4 thoughts on “Beach Break

  1. I love you portah!!!! I had the best time with you guys and I am so happy that you are in my life 🙂

  2. We used to go to Aunt Catfish’s when I was a little girl! Although I hate anything seafood, I used to love that place! Sorry to hear it had a big wait, but if I remember right, it always did. The food was always good though, and we always requested a table by the water!! 🙂

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