WOW. I have a feeling I am not going to be able to post much on here from now on until I get home! It is FULL-ON!!!

It went great today. Just a very long day. I had a rough night sleep wise. Awake every hour from 1am onwards…. my room and bed are great but my mind was doing overtime! Got to the studio at 9am only to be told that our trainer didn’t want us doing a class as she was going to teach us one and wanted us to be fresh. I ended up going to Starbucks for a bit to kill time.

Jen, our trainer, is really great. She is funny and knowledgeable and seems very fair. She taught us a class, and then we all had to get up and teach sections of class. Nerve-wracking, but I was grateful to my boss, Karen, for giving me a heads-up so it wasn’t a complete shock! Then we got our manuals (bibles!!!)…. they are very thick and have all the rules, set-ups, and so on written inside. We have to learn, read, eat, and breathe this thing! I have 20 pages to read tonight.

We have a test on Saturday, pertaining to the first section of the book. We will take our anatomy and physiology tests at our local studios in 2 weeks time.

There are seven of us girls training…. 3 from the Austin studio, 1 from Denver, 1 from New Orleans, and 1 from LA, who is also British. Three of us are in the same hotel. I think we will probably start getting together in the evenings to study and test each other. I walked home with Martine (the Brit) tonight. I got a cab to the studio this morning. Rachael, the girl from New Orleans, is staying in a different hotel but has hired a car. She is going to pick us up in the morning. We are very grateful! She stayed after training tonight to observe a class. Katie, the Denver lass, went shopping! Bless her! These youngsters have more stamina than me!

I am the oldest of the bunch!!! I would think Martine is probably in her 30s but the others are mid-twenties.

Everyone seems nice. Obviously the Austin girls are pretty tight as they all know each other but they have all been very welcoming.

And now I must away to my new “Bible”. It awaits me with a glaring stare. And then I must try and get a better night’s sleep! Us 4 out-of-towners are taking a class before training in the morning.

Pass me the ibuprofen!!!!

2 thoughts on “Woah!!!

  1. I hope you got a better nights sleep. It really does sound full on but I know that you love what you are doing and I am sure you will do just great. Don’t worry about the blog too much just a few lines to say how it is going will do. Lots of love xxx

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