I have arrived!

I had a good flight into Austin. All went smoothly. I was pretty tickled at the huge guitars they had in the baggage claim of the airport. I took a pic of my favourite one (see previous post) and also found one later in front of my hotel… which I liked even more! It was called Twinkle Twinkle Lonestar. I feel a bit like a little twinkling lone star in this big ole city!

I threw all my stuff in my room and decided to get going and take a walk to find the Bar Method studio. It was easy to find thanks to my handy iPhone gps! It was a good 30 minute walk. My phone took me the direct route and I passed by what seemed to be a campsite of sorts for homeless people. I took a different route on the way back! No offence to homeless people, but there were a lot more of them than there was of me! It was a bit intimidating.

Austin seems interesting. As with any city, there are lovely bits and downright grotty bits! The restaurants and bars I passed looked pretty cool… and there are a wide variety of different eclectic types walking around!

Tonight I plan to keep it simple and go to the TGI Friday’s in the hotel. They also have a Starbucks here… oh choirs of angels sing!!!! Then I will come back to my room, practice my set-ups for tomorrow, have a nice bath, and snuggle up with A bit of TV and bed!

I plan to take the 9:30am class tomorrow before we start our training. I called and reserved myself a spot.

I’m looking forward to meeting our trainers and the other trainees tomorrow. I’m pretty nervous too, but hopefully I will soon get into the swing of things!

Have just spoken to Bill and sent a video message to Gwennie. I loathed leaving her this morning. She woke up with a cough. Typical! She seems bright enough in herself. I just hope it doesn’t t develop into anything worse. I hate to put upon my MIL like that… although I know she doesn’t mind and is more than capable of looking after her. But I’m her Mum and I worry. It’s what we mothers do, right?

Ok, I’m off to unpack my case and get settled!

2 thoughts on “I have arrived!

  1. Glad you settled in last night and got your bearings. Thinking of you all day today, and I hope all is going well. Love you xox

  2. I’m so excited for you! I have to admit I wish I was there with you- it sounds like an adventure and my wanderlust is tingling. I know youre busy working hard and such and its not as glamorous as i am editing it to be in my mind LOL! I honestly cant wait for you to be an instructor so I can have you for a teacher! xoxo hang in there buddy- i know what it must take for you to leave your family.

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