Photo Shoot by Debbie Cirillo

We had some photos taken in the Winter Park studio last week.
The Winter Park and Dr. Philips crew joined forces for some group shots that will be used on the websites.

Cayce’s friend Debbie Cirillo did a great job for us!
Here are some of the pictures….

Beautiful Cayce and her amazing arms!

Bicep curls!


Thigh- 2nd position

Stretch at the Bar Level 2

Stretch at the Bar

Reverse push-ups

Beth’s beautiful arms!

The gorgeous Danielle and I demonstrate Round-Back


Sweet Karen!


The best bosses in the world! Cayce Hurley and Karen Moreno

My beautiful and talented coworkers! Top row from L to R: Caitlin, Kendra, Mimi & Trish. Bottom row L to R: Kelly, Danielle, Ellen, Karen, me, Cayce, & Beth.

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