God… are you there?

Those of you who have ever had children know that they come out with the most amazing and funniest things on a daily basis.
Usually several times a day in fact!

Here’s another one of Gwennie’s classics.

We played outside by the pool for an hour this afternoon.
I was feeling pretty weary and begged a few minutes peace whilst I laid on the sunbed.
Gwennie decided to busy herself with the pool brush.

G: “I’m cleaning, Mummy!”
Me: “Oh thank you! You are such a good helper.”

Much huffing and puffing followed and then…

G: *sigh* “I wish I had some help… not you though, Mummy! I know you are tired!”

A little more huffing and puffing, followed by…

G: “God? Are you there?”


My little bathing belle!

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