Don’t call my name, Alejandro!

Gwennie’s first week at Kindergarten seems to be going well. She has re-bonded with a little friend she made at her other preschool. G and Lilly are not in the same class at Kindy, but they see each other most days on the playground. I think it’s pretty sweet that they have resumed their friendship despite having not seen each other for a year!

G came home yesterday and said, “Mummy… you know that Lady Gaga song, Alejandro?”
Me: “Yes!”
G: “There’s an Alejandro in my class!” Cue cheeky smile.
Me: “Yes, I remember!”
G: “Well, I’m going to ask him to marry me tomorrow. Will you help me write him a letter to ask him?”
Me: “Don’t you think you should wait a week or so to see if he really is a nice person and the man you want to spend the rest of your life with?”
G: “Nope. I want him.”


I managed to get out of writing the letter… for now! But we did have to sing the song over and over in the car on the way home!

After school today…..

G: “I asked Alejandro to marry me.”
Me: “And? What did he say?”
G: “Nothing! He just stood there! So rude!” (Poor little guy was rendered speechless!!!!)
Me: “Aha! So maybe he isn’t the right guy for you then?”
G: “Nah! He’s still cute. I still want to marry him!”


He is pretty cute though!

4 thoughts on “Don’t call my name, Alejandro!

  1. Whenever I read these kinds of things, I secretly hope they do grow up to be married because this would be a great story to tell later haha

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