Movie Reviews… “Brave” & “War Horse”

Bill & I took Gwennie to see “Brave” last weekend. I was excited to see it as I love Pixar movies and I wasn’t disappointed.
Both Bill & I were blown away with the stunning and realistic animation. I instantly liked Merida. She is quirky, cute, fun and strong-willed.
And who wouldn’t adore that head of massive red curly locks!
The cast were fabulous and it was so fun to hear all these famous voices (Billy Connolly, Emma Watson, Robbie Coltrane).
I was a little surprised that so many critics found the movie bland and lacking in content. I didn’t find it to be that way at all.
However, I do think it is more of a “chick flick”. By the end of the film, Gwennie and I were snuggled up together with tears running down our cheeks.
To me, it is a story of a young woman and her mother… at the beginning of the story, they misunderstand each other and butt heads.
It is a story about them coming together, despite their very different personalities and outlooks, and appreciating what the other one is about.
We loved it!
It is a little scary in parts… so be aware if your little one balks a little at these more frightening parts in Disney movies.
We will be buying it when it comes out on DVD. Go Pixar! You did it again!

Last night Bill & I watched “War Horse“. Oh. my. goodness.
What a beautiful, heart-wrenching story. The movie begins in the stunning rolling green fields and hills of Dartmoor.
Again, the cast is phenomenal. As for Joey the horse and (later on) his friend Topthorn… well, those animals should have gotten Oscars.
I don’t think I stopped crying the entire movie. It started off with just the tears welling in the eyes, moving on to the silent tears rolling down the cheeks,
finally progressing to the ugly cry and ending with the full on “can’t hold back” sobbing. (If you have watched the movie, you will know which part I completely lost it at!)
Thank GOD it had a happy ending. I don’t think my heart could have taken it otherwise.
It is such a moving story… about a friendship between a young man and his horse and how, once separated, their lives run parallel…
both experiencing war and the loss of dear friends… until they finally find each other again.
What a wonderful film. I really want to see the stage show. I hear it is phenomenal also.
If you watch the movie, have your box of Kleenex close by. I defy you not to become completely enveloped by this sweet and tragic tale.

2 thoughts on “Movie Reviews… “Brave” & “War Horse”

  1. Hey there. We took both the boys to watch brave. We absolutely loved it. There were some scary parts. The bears especially. But we loved it nonetheless.Ryan understood the story perfectly. War horse was a great movie to!
    Miss you,

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