I love family time!

Spent a fun morning with my two favourite people. I decided to forgo my workout when Bill mentioned going to the Winter Park Farmers Market.
I love going there! It has such a great atmosphere. Families and locals trundle through the variety of stalls with their dogs.
There is a great selection of produce, plants, baked goods, cheeses, and so on. We made a beeline for our favourite stalls.
Bill bought me a beautiful phalenopsis from Ginny’s Orchids.

Ginny’s Orchid

Then we went and bought some pistachio pesto from the Pesto Diva lady.
We sauntered in to the “inside” area of the market and bought some fabulous Gloucestershire cheese laced with Stilton cheese. Yum!
We shared strawberry and lime-lemonade that had been freshly made right in front of us.

We then headed over to the Whole Foods Market on Aloma, where we stocked up on various delicious-looking pastas, chicken kabobs, and vino!
Yummy Dinner R Us this weekend!!!

After that we decided to hit our beloved Ravenous Pig for lunch. Alas, they were doing a one-entree only menu… and as it was clam bake, we declined.
I am sure it was delicious, but we didn’t think Gwennie would be too struck!
A few doors down was Dylan’s Deli. We hadn’t eaten there before so decided to give it a whirl.
It was a cute little place and the service was good. Bill had “The French” and I had “The Oslo” (smoked salmon with sweet onions and feta on a dill-sprinkled french baguette), which was delicious!
We enjoyed small house salads which came with yummy homemade French vinaigrette.
Gwennie enjoyed a spectacular ham, cheese, and egg crepe. It was to-die-for!

I love days like these.

Had a fun day yesterday too. Had a couple of dear friends, Emily and Lauren, come over with their little ones. We ladies just chatted, ate lunch, and generally caught up.
The four children just had a ball playing in the pool. They all played so well together.
I love Emily and Lauren. I feel that we can really be open with our hearts to each other on some tough subjects. It’s so nice and refreshing to have that comfort within a friendship.

I love days like those.

Hope, Gwennie, and Taylor on their “boat”!

JD chilling with Larry!

One thought on “I love family time!

  1. That orchid is gorgeous! You have the right environment for orchids, they always die in my house, too cold I think. Your day sounds amazing, I love markets, all the fresh produce and good eats! That lemonade sounds so refreshing! xoxo

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