I hurt, I ache, my brain is fried!

Had another good day today. We did a lot of hands-on adjustments which was really helpful. Another long day though as I was awake at 5am, in class at 8:15am and not home until 8:30pm.
We had a fun evening out as a group. We went to Tacos and Tequilas and had some amazing Mexican food. I had the most fabulous cucumber and jalapeño margaritas (to die for!). The tacos were fab too. It was a great place…. had a cool ambience and they even made our guacamole to order at the table!

I feel that we are definitely gelling more as a group. It began yesterday, when we grouped together for lunch, and again today… definitely a breakdown of any walls and insecurities with each other. Quite honestly, it would be hard not to. We have sweated together, made fools of ourselves in front of one another, got frustrated and teary together, adjusted and manhandled one another’s bodies…. if that doesn’t break the ice, then I don’t know what will.

Honestly, they are all great girls. I am constantly reminded that everyone has a story. And people’s stories humanise and soften them.

I have really bonded with Martine, the other British girl here. I think we’ll be friends for life. There is just an understanding and a connection there on many levels. I will be particularly sad to say goodbye to her. We both admitted tonight how glad we are that one another is at the training.
She’s the one I’ve trusted with my almost teary outbursts and vice versa. She’s a beautiful woman, not only on the outside (which is obvious when you see her- stunning!) but on the inside also.

Tomorrow, Martine, Rachel, and I are taking a day off class as our bodies are just DONE! We don’t have to be in until 10:45am, so we will study for the exam in the morning and maybe do a little packing. I am dreading the exam. I am just so tired that I fear I am not retaining anything.

Sunday is going to be a long day. We have to be at training at 8:30am. Have to check out at the hotel beforehand. Will have to go straight to the airport from the studio to catch our flights. I won’t get home until around midnight.

I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed though… and seeing my hubby, daughter, and dog. Just get me there, please!

2 thoughts on “I hurt, I ache, my brain is fried!

  1. It’s been a long hard week – it probably feels much longer than a week to you! I am glad you are going to study tomorrow morning rather than trying to do a class – you should be more fresh and retain things better than at night after a long hard day. It’s tough having to do an exam when you are so exhausted and I do hope it goes well. Hopefully you will be surprised at how much you have retained!!! Glad you had a nice evening with the girls and had some fun – much needed I think! You’re nearly there darling – tomorrow will be a very long day but at least the goal at the end of it is that you will be back home with Bill and Kate and your own bed!!! Hopefully you’ll get a good night’s sleep! I’m sure you just can’t wait to pick up Gwennie on Monday too. Hang in there darling, and loads and loads of luck with your exam on Sunday.
    Love you, Mum xxxxx

  2. Dearest Sarah!

    I was just reading all the postings here on your blog from the last days and first I wish you all the best for your exams tomorrow and a save trip back home to your beloved family! I can only imagine how exhausting your week has been and what you have been through physically and psychically!!! I am very proud at you as everybody is, and I am glad that you found great people to go through together…
    I am with you and I keep my fingers crossed for you tomorrow.
    I love you honey, and I am sure you will do it!!
    hugs and kisses,


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