A Much Better Day!

Today has been a major improvement on yesterday! Whilst tired, I have been able to get through this day with a smile on my face and positivity in my heart. Thank you all for spurring me on. Whilst I would like to say it is because I got a good sleep, I can’t, but I think it is more because of the good support I received from family, friends, and boss… and possibly the fact that I indulged in the most amazing burger and fries last night! I was so worth it, let me tell you! Have been eating a bit like a rabbit since I got here and I think I just needed some good old MEAT to make me feel better! Hahaha!

It’s been a long day. Four of us went in to do the 8:15am class and then we practiced our set-ups (for teaching all the different exercises throughout class) for an hour before beginning training. I got to teach standing-seat today. “What’s that?!” I hear you cry! Well it’s one of the many amazing seat exercises that make your bum look absolutely fabulous in jeans! It went pretty well and I got some good positive feedback and helpful constructive criticism. It was one of the other girls’ turn to have a meltdown today. Bless her… she was just being hard on herself. I totally understood her frustration. Secretly it helped me to know that someone else was feeling the pressure. I think everyone has felt tired and overloaded with information, but I think each of us is reaching that “Oh shit!” moment at different stages.

We’ve pretty much worked our way though the manual…. we just have to implement everything physically now. It’s amazing how much we have covered in just 3 days. My brain is on fire. I feel like I am going to be dreaming about this stuff soon. As it is, it is the first thing I think about whenever I wake up (during the night…. several times!!!).

I managed to read some and study tonight. Tomorrow I have to teach warm-up. We are all teaching sections of the class. Then we are working on hands-on adjustments. All good fun! I like that part particularly, as I have done a lot of adjustments during my time as a yoga instructor. I’m not afraid to grab and body and tweak it!

I’m currently waiting on the hotel’s laundry service. I’m getting though workout clothes and Bar Method socks like there is no tomorrow! Had to do a little wash to tide me over! Nine hours a day of being a working, sweaty body will do that! I hope they come soon coz I’m ready for bed!

We plan to be at the studio for 8:15am again tomorrow. Practice first and then class afterwards.

4 thoughts on “A Much Better Day!

  1. Day 3 for some reason is always an ‘Oh shit’ or ‘Oh now I know’ day when you are learning. Not sure why 3 but it happens with people and dare I say – dogs that I train. It takes three days to settle in and to determine what is happening and your system to accept. Day 3 you often think, not sure about this and then day four you take off and go to new heights. Seen it with many students and experienced it myself. Your class mate will now go forward and you will grow at an even faster rate yourself. Fabulous – looking forward to seeing you in them jeans. Does it work on geriatrics??


  2. Glad to hear you’ve had a better day. I can only imagine how overwhelming it is to get all that info, and try to process it and apply it. Hopefully things will get a little easier now that you’re (I’m guessing?) studying and reading less and getting more into the application.

    I want to try this now. 🙂

  3. Glad you were feeling better yesterday. Those really nice word from your dad must have helped a lot and I know your mum is right there with you all the way.

    So here we are and its Friday, all down hill from now on and I am sure it is all beginning to jell in your mind. So try and keep your mind as relaxed as you can.

    I hope you got a better nights sleep and you have some clean cloths to face the day in. It looks like it is going to be a nice sunny day but a bit colder to start with over there in Austin. Well that’s your local weather forecast from over here in the UK, no need to turn the TV on now.

    Have a good day my love and we are all rooting for you.


    Tony xxx

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