Getting ready for the off!

I am currently sitting in Starbucks catching up in a few emails and whatnot whilst G does her admissions testing for a local private school downtown.

I just got off the phone with my lovely new boss, Karen, who was checking in to make sure I am all set for ‘the off’ tomorrow. I feel very blessed… Karen is very warm, kind, and approachable. I also have to hasten to add that she is very kindly paying for this entire trip and course for me… and I will be getting paid whilst training. Bill tells me this is standard protocol but I am nevertheless very impressed and extremely grateful.

This afternoon I have to pack up my case. It shouldn’t be too difficult…. 7 pairs of workout pants and tops, my Bar Method socks, and plenty of deodorant! I also have to pack a case for Miss G. She will stay with Grandma for most of the time I am away. Poor Bill has a crazy busy week with a weekend of inventory coming up at his shop. Lots and lots of work. I am very grateful to his Mum for helping us out so I can go away and complete this course! Grandparents rule!

We have left G with Grandma several times in the past. They are great buddies and quite honestly, G doesn’t ever bat an eyelid when we leave her. This time however, I am feeling particularly emotional. I think it is because I am leaving all three of my babies at home…. Bill, G, and our beloved Lab, Kate. Plus this will be the longest period of time that I will be away from all of them as a collective unit! I know they will be just fine! It’s me that is getting all weepy eyed and snotty just thinking about not getting my daily hug and support from my man/my giggles with my sweet little fairy/the warm big brown-eyed look and happy-to-see-me waggy tail from my dog. I’m such a sap!

I’m excited to go and learn lots of new and cool things. I can’t remember the last time I travelled to a new place by myself like this… a place where I am not just a few hours drive away from home. It’s been a while! My hotel is about a mile and a half away from the local Bar Method studio in Austin. I am hoping it’s all in a pretty safe area as I plan to walk to and from the training each day. Everyone keeps telling me what a great city Austin is. I won’t have much time to sightsee at all, but hope to see a little bit of the area if I possibly can.

I am going to be training 7 hours a day every day. I plan to take a class before we start work in the morning. Apparently we have an Anatomy and Physiology exam at the end of the week, so evenings will be spent studying. I hope I can dig some old stuff out of the nursing corner of my brain! It’s going to be intense!

Kendra, one of the instructors from the studio here in Orlando, is flying out to join me for the final 3 days of training. It will be so great to see her! She would like to become a trainer of trainee instructors, so she needs to attend several trainings in order to apply for this spot. She will make a great trainer. She is currently dance team leader of the Orlando Magic.

I won’t get home until close to midnight on Sunday night. I will be pooped but so excited to get home… and I will be roaring over tout de suite on Monday to pick up my little Munchkin! I won’t be able to wait to get my arms around her!

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