I’ve had a blog about being a Brit in America. I’ve had a blog about losing a baby. I’ve also had a blog about being a Mum. And then I lost my inspiration to write. Not that I am uninspired about my life and certainly not about being a Mum, but I just found it hard to find time to sit down and compose a post at the end of a long day!

I became a little wrapped up in Facebook and found that most of my Internet time was spent reading people’s posts there and commenting on them. I find it a good tool to keep in touch with my family and friends from back home, and also to keep up-to-date in my various interests, be it fitness, entertainment, or current affairs.

But I have missed writing a blog. I don’t need to tell you that writing is good therapy for most people. Well, that and a large glass of Pinot Noir!

So now I am excited as I am entering a new phase in my life.

I am going back to work.

After almost 5 years of being super lucky and getting to stay at home with my soon-to-be 5 year old daughter, something wonderful has fallen into my lap. And I am really excited about it!

Let me back up a little.

I was born in the seaside town of Poole in Dorset on England’s beautiful south coast. I grew up an only child, fortunate enough to go to private school and then on to Parkstone Grammar School for Girls. I started ballet at the age of 2 and dancing became my entire life. I was always in some form of dance class or another and performed in numerous shows and competitions. I left school at 16 to attend the Arts Educational School in London as a Musical Theatre student. At 18 I landed my first job with an all-girls dance troupe… touring the Far East. I continued on this trend for 11 years, being lucky enough to visit and work in such countries as Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Ibiza, Switzerland, and Austria. I had a little break somewhere in the middle, where I came home for a year and taught contemporary and jazz dance to children at my old local ballet school.

In August 2001, after a particularly bad break up with a then boyfriend, I came over to the States to visit my father, who had moved Stateside a few years prior. I fell in love with Florida and its gorgeous weather and enjoyed the feeling of pastures new. I decided to go back to school and obtained a student visa. I ended up going into the Nursing Program at the local community college and graduated with an Associates in Nursing Magna Cum Laude.

During this time, I met and fell in love with my husband, Bill, a fourth generation Orlandian. We were married in 2005.

I worked for a couple of years at a local Women’s and Children’s Hospital as an RN on the Postpartum Ward. When our daughter Gwennie was born in May of 2007, both Bill and I agreed that I would be a stay-at-home Mum for a while and so I hung up my scrubs.

I know how fortunate and blessed I am that I was able to do this. Being a Mum has completely changed my life. For the better. I feel grateful and blessed that I was able to see and partake in every little phase of G’s life as she quickly and persistently evolved and changed.

And now here we are… she will soon be 5 and starts Kindergarten in August.

I have tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat as I write. My little baby girl is growing up. Where is that damned pause button?

It has been in the back of my head about what to do once G is in school. I certainly struggled with being fully dependent on my amazingly supportive husband and felt that I wanted to able to contribute in some way. I was hesitant to think about going back to nursing…. particularly on a hospital floor. I didn’t want to be working long 12 hour shifts (which usually mean 13-15 hours) which meant I would need to find someone to pick G up from school and so on.

I had no idea something great was going to fall into my lap!

In September of last year, I decided to go and try out a new fitness regime. Having read about The Bar Method online and perusing the various YouTube videos, I thought I would like to give it a try. Fortunately for me, there was a studio in Winter Park, so after dropping G off at preschool one morning, I went along and took a class. I immediately fell in love.

To quote the official website, the Bar Method technique draws from the principles of isometrics, dance conditioning, interval training, and physical therapy to create an hour long, ballet-barre based class. The result is a noticeable “Bar Method” sculpted body featuring:

– Firm, elongated muscles
– Reduced body fat
– High muscle definition in the chest
– Improved posture
– Long, narrow thighs
– A lifted seat and defined hamstrings
– Strong, flat abdominals
– Increased stamina and energy
– Extended youthfulness

After years of going to the gym and doing the same old routine, I finally felt like I was doing something different and beneficial for my body. I was into yoga for a few years and even completed about 400 hours of teacher training in Ashtanga Yoga. I ran on the elliptical and lifted weights 4-5 times a week, but I just felt I had hit a plateau. The Bar Method just totally kick-started my workout and my mental psyche.

In just a month I started to see and feel a difference in my body. I certainly started to use muscles that I hadn’t used in a long time/ever!!! Aside from the obvious physical benefits of The Bar Method, I also found myself excited to go to class each morning after I dropped G off at Pre-K. The owner and instructors are all amazing there… so friendly and kind and helpful. AND I love the clientele. I had found some of the local yoga studios a bit snobby and cliquey, but I immediately started to make friends with ladies at The Bar Method. It is just generally a great sense and feeling of community as soon as you set foot in the door. So refreshing and appealing. Add to that the fact that the studio is just gorgeous… very modern and clean-chic with a spa-type feel. Of course I was pretty pumped to see all the beautiful barres and mirrors in each studio. It made me feel like I was finally home!

After a month of practice, the owner made asked me one day if I would be interested in becoming an instructor. Would I?!! In December, I had an interview and “got the job”! I was pretty ecstatic as I really feel this job is right up my alley… and the fact that it is part-time and has flexible hours works well with my responsibilities of being a Mum and a wife.

So long story short (or is it too late to say that?!) I am off to Austin on Sunday to take part in a week-long intensive training course. I will then come back and train onsite at the studio for a few months until I am ready and capable to a) teach, and b) take my final exam to become certified.

I’m really excited (and a tad nervous at the prospect of leaving my sweet little girl and hubby for so long) for this new chapter in my life, and thought it would be fun (?) to blog about my journey. The training process is really tough for The Bar Method, but I like a challenge, and I am hopeful I can do a good job.

Watch this space!

The Bar Method- A Minute of Power and Beauty

12 thoughts on “Beginnings

  1. Beautifully written. Doors open in life for you to walk through to life, love and adventure. Enjoy this new door and the new Journey. The future looks wonderful. I am proud of all you have done, are doing and will do.

    Love you always

  2. You’re such a good writer, Sarah!! I’m so excited for you! This is the perfect opportunity for you and is “right up your alley”! I’m looking forward to experiencing this journey with you through your blog. Enjoy yourself next week!! xo Lisa

  3. Your life story is a roller coaster ride and life has certainly handed you some experiences since we were at school together lovely Sarah; some good experiences, some bad and some heartbreaking… however ALL of those experiences have combined to make you the confident and fantastic woman you are, just one little complaint …. you’re on the wrong damn side of the ocean lady!!!! 😉

    I look forward to following your latest venture (adventure) and wish you nothing but the best for this next chapter in your life! Good luck, Godspeed and most of all….ENJOY!
    love and luck,
    MC xxxx

  4. You write so well – maybe one day you will write a book! I am so thrilled for you that this wonderful opportunity has come along just at the right time for you, and I just know it is the perfect outlet for you. I am absolutely certain that you will be a brilliant teacher, and to be able to work at something you love is all you can ask. Good luck in Austin – I am sure it will be hard work and challenging, but you will love it too and will be “all fired up” on your return to work in the studio towards your qualification. Have a fantastic week, and I look forward to reading your blogs and keeping up with your progress.

    Love and hugs, Mum xox

  5. Liebes,
    ich freue mich von Herzen für Dich und Dein neues Abenteuer!
    Deinen blog zu lesen macht auch mir richtig Lust darauf “the bar Method” kennen zu lernen und ich bin mir sicher, dass Du Deine neue Berufung gefunden hast! Wie wundervoll! Denn auch ich kenne dieses Gefühl, jeden einzelnen Tag genau DAS machen zu dürfen, was mir am meisten Spaß macht…ein großes Glück!
    Ich wünsche Dir viel Spaß und eine großartige Zeit.
    freue mich darauf, von Deinen Erfahrungen hier zu lesen.
    In liebevoller Freundschaft und ich hab Dich sehr lieb,
    Deine Michi

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