Happy New Year! And a cleanse!

Goodness, it is January 12th and I have written anything in my blog yet this year!
Happy New Year everyone… I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and I wish you a happy, healthy, successful, and love-filled 2013.

Our Christmas and New Year was lovely. It all went by far too quickly and whoops, here we are back into the swing of the normal routine: early mornings, school runs, ballet classes, work, etc, etc.

We do have a new addition to our family. Maximus the guinea pig arrived on Christmas Day via Grandpoo.
He is the dearest little guy and I will have to do another post solely focusing on him!
Gwennie is completely enamoured (as am I !).

We all tend to indulge a little during holiday times. Well, I certainly do. Lots of rich food to taste and a little more drinking than usual.
I decided to do a cleanse this past week to purge my old body of some toxins.

A friend of mine works for a company called Beyond Organic. She suggested I try the 3-Day Suero Viv cleanse.
The Suero Viv cleanse is designed to support the body’s natural cleansing and detoxification systems and help you reach a higher level of health than you’ve ever experienced. Available in three options: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. I took the Bronze one which consists of two flavours… Raspberry Lemonade and Citrus. You drink 6 bottles of these juices per day… and eat nada. The drinks are made up of whey culture and potassium and sodium to help cleanse out the cells of the body whilst protecting the body’s natural flora.
You can watch a video describing the cleanse right here!
The cleanse was designed to be a group one and ran from January 8th-10th.

Day 1: This was the toughest day for me. I was teaching two classes at The Bar Method that morning and felt a little foggy in my head. By the late afternoon, my head was crashing and I couldn’t really focus on anything much. I texted my friend and she told me that I should have slowly weaned off caffeine before the cleanse. Whoops! I took some Advil and went to bed early.
Day 2: My headache had pretty much dissipated and I felt more human. I found it much easier to teach class today and even took a class, which I found challenging but got through unscathed!
Day 3: I felt really tired on this day. I didn’t teach, but I did go in to take a class and found it a real struggle. No protein = no bueno for muscles. By the third day I was just craving the sensation of being able to chew something and I was really tired of the drinks. They didn’t taste that great… they were both very citrus-y in flavour and left a yukky taste in my mouth so I had to clean my teeth every time I drank one. I have a confession to make… on this day, I ate a baby carrot! I gave one to Maximus and the temptation was too great! I had to have one of those cold, crunchy things too! It was uh-mazing! Hahahaha!

So, I made it through the cleanse.
Down sides; I got really fed up with the flavours of the drinks. I would have liked more variety. And I should have detoxed off caffeine beforehand so I wouldn’t have been so tired. If I choose to do a cleanse again, I would definitely start/do it on days when I am not working. (I did have horrible dreams whilst I was cleansing. Was it cleansing my brain also???)
Up sides; I wasn’t hungry at all during the 3 days. I wanted to chew food, but I wasn’t physically hungry. Impressive! I lost 3 lbs… not as much as I would have liked to lose, but it was something. I definitely lost that bloated feeling that I had post-holiday nosh-up! And my skin looks great.

If I do the Suero Viv cleanse again in the future, I think I would opt for the Silver one, as it has 3 varieties of drinks.
A little more variety makes a heck of a difference when that is all you are drinking for 3 days.

Cleansing isn’t for wimps! It definitely takes some willpower and I am so relieved I made it through 3 days.
Hopefully I did myself some good and got rid of some toxic sludge! Mmmmmmm!!!!!

The holidays are coming!

…and I haven’t posted in ages!

October was a funny old month. It was a month of feeling pretty blue. I am glad to say I have since picked myself up, dusted myself off, and am back on track again.

The end of October brought the loss of a dear friend of ours. Herb O’Brien was an amazing man who was like a father and mentor to Bill. It’s so sad to think he is gone and we won’t see him again. We loved him very much and we love his family. We flew up to Seattle the first week in November to attend his memorial service. It was held at his beloved Radar. It was a very touching affair and it was so good to see old friends. I am so grateful that I was able to go and I am very thankful to my lovely co-workers at The Bar Method for covering my classes so I could go and support Bill and Herb’s family.




We enjoyed a lovely weekend with one of my dearest friends, Jenn, last weekend. It was her birthday and so she came to stay with us for a couple of days. We went to Epcot for the day on Saturday and had a wonderful time! She is so easy to be with and Gwennie adores her too!



I had my evaluation with Karen at The Bar Method last week. It went well and was a positive experience! I am really looking forward to the future! I feel so lucky to be doing a job that I love!

Gwennie has had a busy week what with a Thanksgiving Pow Wow with her Kindergarten and The Nutcracker ballet recital! Such precious memories!






Now we are gearing up to the Thanksgiving celebrations which we will be hosting at our house.

My Mum arrives on Monday! Can’t wait to have her here for 2 weeks!

A very happy Thanksgiving to one and all! I am so thankful for my amazing family, for dear friends, a job that I love, and good health!


Why do I love The Bar Method?

So I write about it a lot. I’m an instructor so of course I am invested. But I am sure some of you are wondering, “What is so great about this Bar Method malarkey?”

I’m inspired to tell you why. My life changed the day I walked in to the Winter Park studio last September.
The change has been a 101% positive one.

Not only have I gained an amazing workout that makes me feel good about myself and has changed my body in ways that I never imagined possible, but I love the fact that I am learning every single day that I am in the studio…. AND I have the benefit of being surrounded by wonderful instructors/friends whose wisdom I try to glean on every occasion, and our clients, whose hard work and dedication always keep me inspired to better myself as an instructor.

It doesn’t matter whether you take a class with a seasoned instructor or a new one. Today, I took Cayce’s community class. Freshly certified is dear Cayce. I LOVE taking her class. She is a physical therapist so is extremely knowledgeable about the body and I love how she explains the exercises and their benefits during class. I also love her sense of humour and wit. She cracks me up! Her choreography today was perfect. It was simple yet soooooooo hard! I love that! She taught Foldover for seat and exerted a neat choreography… ueber simple, yet totally bum-whipping… that had my glutes still shaking whilst trying to grip them during curl. OUCH!

I love walking out of a peer’s class thinking, “That was brilliant! I am going to learn from that and use it in one of my classes!”

But let me back up. Why do I love The Bar Method?

I was a dancer for 26 years… 11 of those professionally. When I stopped dancing, I still had a huge desire to stay fit and keep in shape.
I tried the whole gym rat thing and was uninspired. I love yoga and have taught it… but I love it more as a form of meditation and stretching of the mind and body.

The Bar Method has helped me to discover muscles that I didn’t know I even had.
It satisfies my love of dance… it helps you to be elegant and achieve gorgeous posture.
It satisfies my needs to have toned muscles… the hour-long workout works every muscle in the body to fatigue and then stretches them out after each intense exercise.
It satisfies my need to meditate…. I get “into the zone” during every class. Eyes shut, often with a grimace on my face, and clear, precise breathing…. I am taken away to another plane.
By the time I walk out of class, I am proud that I have made it through the hour and have worked to my greatest capacity.

People are always fascinated when they hear about the hard training that each Bar Method instructor has to go through.
An intensive week long training with a Master Teacher. Then a good 4-6 months post-training at the studio. Three written exams. Community classes and a video evaluation.
And even when you do become certified (and oh it is a joyous event!) then as instructors and as a studio, we get together every week to discuss the Method… to be sure we are doing things correctly and to soak up wisdom from Head Office.

The Bar Method is safe. It is good for you and it is healthy. We are trained to make modifications for any students with injuries or issues. The Method has been formulated together with Burr Leonard and physical therapists to be certain it is completely safe for the human body.

We pay attention and give individualised focus to very single student in the class…. during EVERY class. Usually several times during the class.

I refer to Burr as “God”! I know it sounds cheeky… but she is our guru. She is so knowledgeable and has the most amazing experience and history behind her.
She worked with Lotte Burke and then went on to form The Bar Method so meticulously with great attention to detail.
This is no fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants workout. This is a methodically thought-out and produced exercise regime.
And quite frankly, it works. Ask any client.

My body is addicted to it! I love how it has strengthened and sculpted my muscles.
And I love how it never gets old or any easier! It just gets harder and more challenging every day.

Today I was excited. I had a Bar Method breakthrough and was able to put my own note up on the pinboard. I completed 40 push-ups on the balls of my feet.
(In all my life, I have never been able to do more than 3… pre-The Bar Method.)
My dear friend Trish and fellow instructor said, “Hey! One for each year of your life!” If this is what 40 is all about doing The Bar Method…. then bring on 50 and 60!!!

Thank you, The Bar Method! You are the absolute bees knees! You have given me joy, a better body, a daily challenge, and some of the best friends and co-workers EVER!

Happy Anniversary The Bar Method Winter Park!!!

One year ago today, Karen Moreno opened The Bar Method Winter Park.

Little did I know that when I walked through those doors last year, that my life would change dramatically…. in such an amazing way!

Karen is easily one of the best bosses I have ever had. She is hard-working, approachable, fun, adorable, and generous to a tee.
I have so much respect and love for her. She exudes warmth and is the type of person who brightens a room just by being in it.
The same goes for the wonderful group of instructors that she put together as her team for the studio. They are all so different, but each one of them is wonderful and special.
I feel so very blessed and honoured to now be a part of that team.

So happy 1st birthday, The Bar Method Winter Park!
I love you, I love our clients, I love my coworkers, and most of all, I love Karen for bringing all this into my life!

Karen & I