Words from my heart…

To me, one of the worst things in life is knowing you have hurt a friend’s feelings. It appears that I have done just that recently.
I felt the need to share this in case anyone else was feeling upset by my actions.

A dear friend wrote to me and shared that she was hurt because she and her husband were not invited to Bill’s birthday dinner.
Maybe there are others of you out there who feel the same way?
Luckily for me, this friend came to me and spoke her mind so I could clarify things.

Let me start by saying that Bill did NOT want a party. And he hates surprises! However, I wanted to do something special for him as it was his 50th.
I took him away for the weekend and hired a private room so we could have a surprise birthday dinner for him.
I had to make an executive decision on numbers guest-wise as the location was expensive and we were limited for space.
I was absolutely delighted when all of Bill’s brothers and their spouses wrote to me and said they wished to attend the event.
Bill’s Mum also flew in from NC to be there.

There were a lot of people I would have liked to have invited. We know a lot of amazing and special people, and Bill is much-loved by many.
And in return, we love a lot of wonderful people.
However, I was limited to a certain number of guests.

Please know it was not my intention to leave anyone out. There was no hidden agenda or bad feelings.
I would never want to hurt anyone’s heart.
I only wanted to do something good for Bill… a small celebration of his turning 50.

There are many of you out there that I would have loved to have come to this event, but please know it wasn’t a big party and I wanted to keep it as intimate as possible, because I know that is what Bill likes.

I hope you all understand my predicament and where my heart is.
Please reach out to me if I have offended any of you at all. I will listen with an open mind and heart.