4 thoughts on “My piece in Still Standing Magazine

  1. Is it worse to have and lose a baby or have one’s hopes totally dashed about having any at all? You are suffering a lot more than my wife and I and…for what it is worth, I feel for you. although in fact we cannot. Please accept our prayers and hopes for your future!!!!

  2. Sarah, This is one of the most touching expressions I have ever read. It gave me goosebumps and tears. Although I have not experienced what you have, I do have so much empathy for what it must feel like, especially because I can relate to the intense mom love we have for our children. I can’t imagine the pain, but I can understand how painful it must be. It makes me sad that you go through doubt in yourself. You are one of the most beautiful people I have ever met. There is no “reason” for this difficulty you have been faced with. It has given you such a special chance to help others feel better, and connect you to a very special community. I am SURE that your piece and your experience has undoubtedly changed lives for the better, and you have given others a sense that they are not alone and maybe some peace. What an amazing gift! You are so brave to share such deep, personal feelings. You make a difference every day in so many lives because of your open heart, compassion and wit! You have changed me for the better and I cannot imagine my life without you. And as for the doubters and haters…that is their issue and not yours. Maybe you have softened the hearts of others too. I am so sorry that you have had to endure those moments with ignorant people. I have faith that the majority of people never intentionally mean to hurt others. Please know I am here for you always! And I love you with all my heart! xoxo Karen

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