My friend Jenn.

My friend Jenn.

I met her back in the summer of 2005; we met through the mutual love of a band 30 Seconds to Mars.
We became friends online before meeting up for the first time at a 30STM concert in Daytona.
I had no idea that I was about to meet one of the dearest friends of my lifetime.

Let me tell you about Jenn.
Firstly, she blows you away with her striking looks. She has the most beautiful eyes that gaze deep into your soul.
She is tall and elegant.

Beautiful Jennifer

Beautiful Jennifer

She is tender and sensitive, fiercely loyal and true, funny and silly, and patient and kind.
Not once have I ever experienced one teensy ounce of bitchiness from Jenn. She is a rare gem.
I have never once doubted her love for me. I have never doubted that she always has my back.
It’s a pretty rare occurrence these days to find someone so genuine and sincere.
I cherish her. I love her.
She is a true friend and it is an honour to have her in my life.

Jen is wildly talented. She is one of the most talented artists I know.
Her paintings are outstanding and breathtaking.
She remains modest and humble.

Jimmy Gnecco

Jimmy Gnecco

One of my absolute favourites!

One of my absolute favourites!

Jenn loves Gwennie and Gwennie loves her back… very much!

Jenn with baby Gwennie

Jenn with baby gwennie

At the beach today!

At the beach today!

Jenn is moving to Washington State next week.
My heart is so sad. Sad that I cannot just get in the car and drive to see her or vice versa.
I am so proud of her for doing this though.
She has been through many challenges and she is standing up and fighting back and is making a positive change in her life.

I can’t wait to go visit her.
We will ALWAYS be friends.
The one thing I have noticed is that miles can get in the way at times, but true friendships withstand those miles and can never be torn apart.

I love you, Jenn. I miss you already. You are always here in my heart and I will see you soon!

Jenn and I in Seattle... we got matching star tattoos behind our ears this night!

Jenn and I in Seattle… we got matching star tattoos behind our ears this night!

3 thoughts on “My friend Jenn.

  1. Friends are the family we choose for ourselves. I’m sorry your heart is sad darling but try to think how much sadder it would be without her special friendship and how lucky you both are that your kindred spirits spotted each other in this busy, crazily crowded world in the first place.

    Big love to you, hope move day isn’t too sad for you. x x x

  2. Hi Sarah As we all know so well – distance can never make a difference to true friendship – I guess it can only make it stronger but then if it’s strong in the first place – well – it’s something very precious that’s always there. Lots of love Vera xxxx

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