Where are you, Christmas?

Yesterday, Gwennie and I were driving home from school and we decided to bust out the Christmas music.
Is it just me or does anyone else get all emotional listening to holiday songs?
I love Christmas.
I am not going to lie… there have been a few Christmases I would rather forget, but on the whole I LOVE Christmas.
I am not in the slightest bit religious but I will belt out Oh Come All Ye Faithful with the best of you.
I love the spirit of Christmas… the joy in children’s eyes and the act of giving to others.

Christmas is a time of remembrance for me too. I think about loved ones who are no longer with us.
Memories of Christmases-past with these loved-ones brings a smile to my face.
I am also reminded that there is someone important missing from our family.
There should be a little two year old boy running around our house right now.
But while his physical presence is missing, Henry remains constantly in our hearts.

I think about Christmases when I was a little girl.
I have fond memories of my Mum, Gran, and Great Aunt all cooking in the kitchen.
My Mum used to make the best mince pies and petit-fours.
My dear Gran would stuff the turkey each year.
We used to have the best parties over the holidays… I have such great clips in my head of fancy-dress hoorahs and evenings spent playing games and laughing raucously with family and friends.
I am an only child but I always felt surrounded by loved ones. It is a good memory.

Christmas definitely changes once you have a family. It’s so important to make your own family traditions.
Today, Bill, Gwennie & I are getting ready to decorate our tree together.
As I mentioned earlier, Christmas is a time for giving. I am trying to instill this concept into Gwennie.
Every year we have taken part in Operation Christmas Child. This year, we are adopting a Christmas Angel through G’s school.
We will be buying a present for a little 5 year old girl who “loves anything Barbie”! I can’t wait to go shopping for her with Gwennie!

So where are you, Christmas? I think you are in our hearts… in our memories… in our souls… in the laughter of our children and in the joy sparkling in their eyes.

Happy Christmas everyone!

A white Christmas at Ormond Road with Sammy Sparkles

A white Christmas at Ormond Road with Sammy Sparkles

Christmas at The Chase

Christmas at The Chase

Playing with one of my Christmas gifts whilst my Gran looks on (at Little Owls)

Playing with one of my Christmas gifts whilst my Gran looks on (at Little Owls)

6 thoughts on “Where are you, Christmas?

  1. Wow, you have reduced me to tears and evoked so many memories for me too! I love seeing the photos too. The first one reminds me of taking a sledge into the nearby woods and Gran sledging with you down the Chine! That photo at The Chase was our first Christmas there and we had no heating!!! How small the cottage looks before we built the extension! And doesn’t Gran look sweet and lovely in the last photo, and you can see how much she adores you. I’ll be thinking of all the happy times at Christmas and sad that we won’t be together. Love you xxx

  2. Your post gave me goosebumps. It is lovely. Christmas is such a beautiful time, but for those of us missing someone it can be so, so hard. Your memories sound absolutely beautiful. I’m so sorry you are missing someone around your tree. I know how that feels. Love and prayers to you for the holiday.

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