Gwendolina Ballerina

OK, so hence follows gratuitous posting about my amazing kid.
Move along quickly if you feel nauseous!

Our sweet girly!

Those of us who are parents all have them… amazing kids.
They are beautiful, smart, fun, and some of the greatest souls we will ever wish to know and be associated with.

For those of you who don’t know, Gwennie is 5.
Yesterday, we got to have our first parent/teacher conference with her Kindergarten teacher.
She got a glowing report and so much positive feedback, my heart positively swelled with pride and joy.

Naturally I was thrilled with the fact that she is right on target for where she should be learning-wise.
She recognises certain sight words and “chunks”, so she is starting to read and write little sentences.
Her art work is phenomenal. Her teacher spoke about the fact that Gwennie loves to paint and colour and takes a lot of time and effort into making her pieces perfect.
I still think we owe a lot of credit to her preschool teacher who was outstanding in the art department (amongst other things).
We have so many fabulous works of art from our little munchkin already framed and proudly displayed about the house; her rendition of
The Girl with the Pearl Earring and Van Gogh’s Starry Night, amongst other beauties.

But the main topic that touched my heart (and made me teary) was when G’s Kindergarten teacher proudly shared that Gwennie has the most amazing social skills.
She told us that G is a kind-hearted and happy little girl… Ms. H. feels so blessed to have her in her class… and that she is sweet and dear to everyone she meets.
She is known for her loving hugs… no matter if you are a girl or boy, she has one for you.
If she is playing with a friend and sees someone alone, she invites them over to join in the group.
She loves everyone and is kind to all.
I am so proud of that.
I personally always strive to be the kind of person that I would like to be friends with myself (if that makes sense).
I have tried to impart that upon Gwennie. Not that it was a difficult thing to do, because she has a loving heart by nature and needs no encouragement.
Bill is a gentle soul also and is very wise and thoughtful with Gwennie. I know it sends a huge message.
I know how she is at home with us and she is sweet, kind, easy , and thoughtful. She always wants to please and is a great helper.
You can’t help but wonder how they are when they are out of sight in the care of others, so to hear that she is exactly the same wherever the location, just makes me so proud of her.
I feel so honoured to say that my daughter truly is a good person… inside and out.

Angel Face!

Yes, I am totally gloating! No, I don’t really take any credit, because I truly think we got lucky.
She is just a great kid and I think we made some very good decisions so far with her schooling.
She was surrounded by love and nurturing in her preschool and had some wonderful teachers there.
Gwennie still talks about her past preschool teacher, Mrs. F. She misses her and often brings her up in conversation.
That just shows me what a difference amazing teachers make in a child’s life.

Gwennnie’s current teacher in Kindergarten seems so sweet and sincere and patient also. I am so grateful to her for being so diligent and kind with our little fairy.

So, I guess apart from going on about how wonderful my child is, I am also giving a huge shout out to the wonderful teachers out there who make such a difference in our children’s lives.

Thank you for helping us parents out, dear teachers. You are so worth your weight in gold!

6 thoughts on “Gwendolina Ballerina

  1. Hi Sarah & Bill We’re not the slightest bit surprised that everyone at school loves her (as always) – she is just as beautiful as ever – no wonder you are overwhelmed with pride. Gwenney is the product of a truly loving and secure home – created by her wonderful parents Lots of love to you all Vera & Burt xxxx

  2. How wonderful to receive such glowing reports! She is sweet, kind, funny and loving – all qualities you and Bill have brought out in her, and she was bound to be lovely with such fantastic parents. You are right to be proud of her, and you should be proud of yourselves too!

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