My husband.

Gwennie talks a lot about meeting her “handsome prince”. She told me the other day that she just can’t find anyone decent enough and “OMG!” will she ever find the right one?

I told her that she has plenty of time. She needs to find someone kind, handsome, loyal, and true… and someone who is a good cook. Someone just like her Dad.

She now wants to marry Bill.

I’m so cool with that!

Oh if it were that simple.

Here are some of my favourite photos of G with her Daddy….

She had her first bug… Daddy was there to make it all better.

The camera doesn’t lie! Look at the love here!

Pool time!

Big grins!

Father’s Day 2010

Seattle September 2007 – Mel and John’s wedding

Lake Tomahawk Thanksgiving 2007

I hope she gets as lucky as me.

3 thoughts on “My husband.

  1. I forgot how wee she was once upon a time…. 🙂

    And she will be as lucky as you. Bill has set the bar high, but I think she’ll know a good one when she finds him. 😉

  2. I also hope Reagan finds someone as special and wonderful as her dad. I trust that she will, though. Fathers set such an example of what to expect in a man for their daughters.

  3. More than her finding her Prince the relationship she has with Bill will give her self confidence and high esteem. Girls with that choose good guys because they value themselves. She’ll get her Prince, and probably break her Dad’s heart a little in the process.

    I smiled wryly and sadly at Lisa’s comment. Some fathers serve as a reminder of exactly what not to choose in a man too unfortunately. :-/

    And big love to Gwennie as she continues her fairy tale xxx

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