Home, James!

It is sooooo good to be home! I feel like I am recovering from major jetlag, but it is just recouping from a long, heavy week.

I had a great class this morning at Bar Method Winter Park…. and a lovely welcome back from Karen and the girls. Karen gave me a couple of wonderful gifts…. some new Bar method socks with “Nice Shaking!” written on them (our legs tremble a lot in Bar!!!) and a $100 gift voucher for Lululemon!!!! SO generous of her! She really is the sweetest person.

We talked afterwards and I filled her in on all that happened. We are getting a post-training schedule organised. I am going to put Gwennie in the lunch program at her preschool. She can take a packed lunch and stay till 2pm. Then I have signed her up to do Fun Fridays. Her Pre-K teacher teaches it…. she does different art projects and topics each week. She will be there 9am-12pm, which gives me an extra day to spot/teach some of the classes as part of my practice. I will also keep an eye on Bill’s schedule and see if I can do some evening classes too. We’ll get there.

I am going to have to take my A&P exam before we go skiing in Colorado, which I am happy about as I don’t want it looming over my head whilst on vacation. I must get studying and writing some flashcards!

Karen said she had a glowing report from Jen about me. She said I was a gem and “very smart”! Wow…. I must be a good actress! Hahahahah! I felt like my brain was mush most of the time!

Onwards and upwards…. one step at a time.

We are currently waiting to hear if Gwennie was accepted into either of the private schools she tested for. Please keep your fingers crossed for her!

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